Our Backstory

There’s a reason why we don’t have thousands of students.  Our mission in creating an Amazon course is to ensure that we offer a unique, but much needed, learning experience in the Amazon space.  Everyone learns differently, therefore, there will never be a course suited for the masses.  We will never claim that we know everything there is to know about selling on Amazon, nor do we ever want to!

Every Amazon course out there has a “blueprint” and “people” behind it – that’s a given.  For the past 8 years, our blueprint has been “wholesaling” – buying direct from an authorized supplier or direct from the manufacturer.  No liquidations.  No black market stock.

We find that the wholesale method is the most accepted form of selling on Amazon, can be scaled consistently, and ultimately be transformed into a semi-passive income stream if setup correctly.  That is what we have achieved in our own business today.

Here’s how we’re different from other courses.  First, we’re a husband and wife team who both entered the e-commerce industry immediately after college.  That gives us a slight advantage given that we’ve both dedicated most of our working lives in this space and generated all of our living primarily online.  We’ve also built multi-million dollar companies, managed a workforce of up to 15 full-time staff, a call center, and a handful of virtual assistants.  We ran our operations in a 20,000 square foot warehouse where we managed 40,000+ different products.  That was back in 2014.

Fast forward to today.  Now it’s just us and 3 virtual assistants.  A little over 500 products.  Just about every task and process documented, outsourced and/or automated.  Sales revenue slightly less, but net profit exponentially more than when we were selling 40,000+ products.

On top of all that, we have a combined 25 years of leadership and management experience running our own companies.  With all that said, that doesn’t include the rest of our successful partners and team members who bring their own unique talents, skills and experiences.

We are passionate, patient, and innovative thinkers – which makes us outstanding instructors.

But at the end of the day, it’s about you and your desired results.  We operate a little bit differently than the rest.  You see, we hire “clients”, not the other way around.  We offer two types of courses – self-guided and Premium.  Our premium courses are by application only due to the fact we want to ensure we are a match to work together.  You will actually need to apply and be interviewed before any money is exchanged.  We also have some basic requirements for our self-guided plans, which we will explain further below.

You want results and we want to deliver them.  We only want serious students who want to take their business to the highest level.  If that’s you, welcome in advance.

We’re here to show you the way.

Our 60-Day Intensive Plan + Coaching Package

The following plan is by application only. This is a formal course which requires a significant commitment in time and investment capital. This engagement lasts for 6-months with the first 60 days being very intense. We hold 4 of these per year and choose to only work with a limited number of Intensive students 4 times a year. Think of this course as a premium Master’s Course. Not everyone will qualify to work with us on this level, regardless if you can afford the enrollment fee or not. Sorry, our standards are high and yours should be too. We only accept students who make it through the qualifications process.

  • You'll Be Getting Some Upgrades!

    Everything in the Platinum Express Plan are included, but are slightly upgraded at this level. Keep reading.

  • Formal Introductory Session

    We, along with all of the new students enrolled in the Intensive Plans, will conduct a live intro call discussing expectations and goals.

  • Exclusive Mastermind

    Connect and interact with us and other students working towards big goals! Some are already wildly successful sellers.

  • Exclusive Office Hours

    You’ll be entitled to a total of sixteen (16) – 30 minute one-on-one session during the engagement via web meeting or phone.

  • Amazon Restricted Categories

    We make no guarantees, but we assist you with the approval process at no extra charge. Yes, including the top 3: Health & Beauty, Groceries, & Beauty.

  • Private Smartphone App

    You’ll be given access to our private community via our smartphone app where all of our students and instructors collaborate.

  • Exclusive Wholesalers

    Unlike the Wholesale Suppliers Directory included in the Platinum Express Plan, Intensive and Alumni members will be given access to even more exclusive suppliers.

  • Attend Weekly Live Sessions

    When scheduled, you’ll be sent an invitation to attend and interact on our live sessions with either the instructors and/or invited guest. These are usually held either on Tuesday’s or Wednesday’s.


Upon finishing the course, you will be invited to renew your membership on a month-to-month basis, which would include a slightly modified version of the original course. The membership we transition you to is not necessarily teach you anymore new content, but to help support you in scaling your Amazon business consistently and profitabiy.

If you are truly ready to go all-in and experience first-hand having mentors who partner up with you in building, restructuring, or simply improving your existing Amazon business, you might be ready for our next-level experience.  Submit your application and our main instructor will review your application immediately and will schedule a one-on-one call with you directly.  No obligations.  No pressure tactics.

New Program is in the Works!